[Solved] Google Task Mate Account Blocked for using wrong Referral code

Google Task Mate App not working after entering too many fake/expired Invite codes: (Solution to unblock)

Google has recently launched task mate application which is currently on beta version that is accessible to certain users who have the invitation code. For your Information: Task mate is an earning application by Google where users can earn money by doing simple tasks in their smartphones.

During this Covid Pandemic, most of the people are really in need of money as many of them lost their jobs. And we are hoping atleast this app would help them to earn some penny to atleast to fulfil their daily needs. Most of the users are ready to use the app. But this app is currently limited to specific users who have invite code. As the App got viral over internet and users are so busy in searching Taskmate Invitation Codes.

Users are getting referral codes (Invite Codes) from different sources. And they are entering every code they are getting. But most of them are expired. We already posted more than 50+ Invitation Codes in our site and users are grabbing them within seconds. And therefore, most of the users are getting error. It is to be noted that One referral code works for upto 3 users only. So most of users are entering the codes which have been already used by someone else.

Google Task Mate App Unblock
Task Mate UnBlock Solution – tenowl.com

After attempting expired codes continuously for more than 10 times. Google temporarily blocking them by showing “You have reached the Maximum number of attempts. Please try again later” This means Google Taskmate is blocking users from entering the Invite Code.  Have you faced the same problem ? Do Google Taskmate permanently ban users for entering wrong invite codes in Task Mate Application ? Did your Google Task Mate Account is not working ? Is it a Permanent block ? So In this article i am going to answer all your questions and also i will tell the solution to get out of this problem !

Why Google TaskMate is blocking users from entering Referral code after 10 wrong attempts ?

As i already said, access to taskmate is limited to only limited users, since the app is in beta version. Only the users with a valid referral code can login right now. So in this case, Google is blocking those users who actually don’t have Referral code but then trying to use the app by putting wrong ones.

Solution to get unblocked from Google TaskMate App:

If you have entered more than 10 wrong/expired codes, and if you got error showing “You have reached the Maximum number of attempts.” You don’t need to be worry, This is not a Big issue. Google will unblock you after 24 hours. Just follow below steps and you will be get back as usual:

  1. After getting the error, Close the App and Don’t open it till next day. During this time you shouldn’t try any referral codes.
  2. After 24 hours, clear the app data from settings and now open the app.
  3. Now, Sucessfully you will be unblocked from Google Task Mate and the app works asusual.

Trick to know whether specific referral code is working or not’ without actually entering in TaskMate App.

Yes, it is possible. But not as of now. Currently we are working on testing tool which helps to check and test whether a particular Taskmate referral code is working or not, without actually taking risk of attempting wrong code in your taskmateapp.

Alternative Way: You can test on your secondary device with secondary google account. Once it works you can test the same referral code in your main account.

How to get Task Mate Referral Codes (Sources of Google TaskMate Invite Code)

  1. Tenowl.com (Website)
  2. Task Mate (Telegram Channel)
  3. Reddit Community
  4. Xda Developers Community
  5. Google Support forums
  6. MrandMrsTamilan (Website)
  7. YouTube Channels
  8. BgsbUniversity (Website)
  9. Top Hunt (Website)
  10. CoolzTricks (Website)
  11. Jpp.Org.in (Website)
  12. Telegram Groups


Important Note: Don’t try expired or fake Invite codes, Try only working referral codes which you got from your friends or from trusted sources. If you attempt wrong codes more than a limit. Then you will be temporarily blocked. However we have given a solution for it. But we always advise you not to use the app unless you have working Invite code. Just wait for some days, the application is going to released for everyone soon.

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