[PDF] Download Striver SDE Sheet | September 2021

TakeuForward Striver’s SDE Sheet PDF

[PDF] Download Striver SDE Sheet | Latest Updated List 180+ Questions

Striver SDE Sheet is a collection of very important and must do data structure and algorithms problems list. If you looking for some great and concise DSA resource, it will assist you in solving problems that will greatly improve your DSA abilities.

The list of questions in the sheet is available in PDF format, Download from below


What is Striver’s SDE Sheet ?

  1. Striver SDE sheet has 180 questions, which can be done in 2–3 months at a regular speed, but can be completed in 1 month if you know the foundations of DSA.
  2. He recommends to solve the sheet only if you are comfortable with the basics of data structures. Otherwise, you will take more time to solve the sheet.
  3. It is a perfect resource to revise all of the most asked DSA questions in a month, before your interview or coding test. The questions are taken from reputed sites like leetcode and geeksforgeeks.

Who is Striver ?

Raj Vikramaditya (alias Striver) is a well known youtuber and software engineer, currently working at Media.net (Directi), and he is an ex employee of Amazon. Moreover, a Candidate Master at Codeforces and a 6* coder at Codechef.

You can also visit his official Youtube channel which is takeUforward. He shares important videos related to programming, tech, career guidance for college students.

Is the SDE sheet really effective?

Yes, the SDE sheet by striver is very helpful for students who have at least some experience in DSA and looking for a quick list of important questions. Striver is himself in IT field, working as a software engineer and hence has immense knowledge of this field.

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